STEM is important, but, as many now recognize, STEM-exclusive has been pushed too far. The arts are critical components to a 21st-Century education where innovation, creativity, and intellectual flexibility are the hallmarks. This course is about adding the ‘A’ to STEM so that design skills, artistic, critical and creative thinking, and curiosity-inspired learning flows like a STREAM across academic disciplines

The AVLI Just in Time group of courses are modeled on the work of Jack Peterson, and are designed to meet the needs of Catholic school administrations at a specific moment in the governance of their communities.  The AVLI core educational principles of Engagement, Communication, and Assessment serve as the foundation for course delivery of management expertise for faith-based schools. Jack's understanding and extensive practical and consulting experience provide real-time solutions in the areas of board development, leadership transitions, fund raising, strategic planning and personnel issues within faith-based schools.   His understanding of the interactional relationships between the four models inherent in school governance: Apostolic, Pedagogical, Community, and Business led to the formation of Jack's company, Managing for Mission.  Together with Jack, AVLI seeks to serve schools in need of solutions to the ongoing and shifting dynamics of their communities.  The Just In Time courses are designed and offered with this goal in mind.